AngelEarth Music is committed 
to bringing to the planet, 
high vibration, positive music 
to help with your relaxation, 
healing and meditation. 


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Mark Watson's
Christmas/Holiday CD
Aem hh 81815
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N O W      P L A Y I N G
1.) Archangel Ariel
2.) Ajna (The Third Eye)
3.) The Goddess Aine
4.) Manipura (The Solar Plexus)
5.) Archangel Chamuel


AngelEarth Music is now offering meditation music 
written specifically for you, for your guided meditations, 
radio shows, classes or whatever else you need music for.
You pay once and the music is yours and yours alone. 
The price is $85.00 per minute for the first ten minutes 
and then $55 per minute after that. Contact us here or on 
Facebook for more information 

Check out the 5 Collections:
The Archangels, The Goddesses,
The Waves, The Yoga and 
the Complete Collection. 
These are all specially priced at big discounts.
Also if you are interested in
Mark Watson's artwork, 
go to the artwork page and
click on the link. 
There's quite a few to choose from and lots of options. 
 ....... Peace and Love 2U All. 

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